Happy Birthday Sayang! (Birthday Food+Decoration+Goodies Bag)

My colleagues suggest me to write something from my son perspective, well here I go….
I am a big fan of ultramen. There are Leo, Max, Seven, Cosmos, Nexus, and Tiga. I have lots of ultramen. My mom keeps it inside one huge basket. She always says that I have too many ultramen but normally she is the one who buy the ultramen 1/week. . I am 3 years old today. It is my birthday because my mum says so. She also says that I am a handsome, smart, and ‘soleh’ boy. She says that Allah love good people and He will grant us our wish if we do good thing. So I help my mom fetch tv controller for her, sweep the floor, help her doing laundry, pick up my toys and give her a hug when she’s crying. Because of that she throws me my ultramen birthday party. Hurmmm….it is so hard to write based on a 3 years old perspective, due to the short time I have…I will continue with my story instead…..hahahaha

My adrenalin just shoots up after deciding to hold a birthday bash for my baby boy (already a toddler…huhuhu). I surf the net and get opinion from my colleagues to find the simple but most memorable way to hold a party. My target is to prepare bit by bit 1 month early. I was 7 months pregnant during that time so holding a small birthday party is a very…very hard job for me. But due to my love for him I still did it. The party is for 20 people max. It is only for family members and my son’s babysitter’s family only. The theme is ultramen because as you know my son is die-hard fan for ultramen. Hope below tips and ideas will help enthusiastic mother out there. The tip is to develop a plan and work your plan out.

Birthday Food
How to choose? It all depend on your budget, if you are in a tight budget, choose hi-tea concept instead of lunch. My budget is within RM 200-300 for food. So I catered the main dishes; Nasi Tomato serves with Ayam Masak Merah and Dhal. I made orange cupcakes with cheese cream frost plus fruits and cookies as part of the side dish.

Just nice

Just nice


Birthday Cake
How to choose? For a crowd of 20-30 people, 1.5-2 kg cake is sufficient. If you want a special design for your cake decoration, ensure you order early. Mine is ultramen rainbow theme.


Decoration idea
It is a birthday party for kids, decoration is a must. I prepared balloons, birthday hats, birthday mask, and made pennate for my son’s friends to enjoy. I felt happy to see that they were happy celebrating together.

IMG_0889 Already 3 Luv You


Goodies Bag
Last but not least is the goodies bag. There’s a lot ideas out there in the web and for me is not to give too much on the junk food. So I give a box of color pencil, a small chocolate cake, and a pack of chocolate. Each goodies bag is stick with personal design sticker. I did the design and get it print at a banner house. I thought it is expensive at the first place but actually it is not as long as you are the one who do the design.



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