Mama Carey and Me….

Wooshh… it has been quite a while I haven’t be able to get myself to start  blogging. I guess after deliver my second child, every regular…comfort…work-life balance just go to drain…but as I go along…especially extra hand from Mr. Husband…things get balance pretty quick. But certainly it is a bless having another boy to our small family.

Cooking is quite hard for me right now since to juggle 2 demanding boys right now but certainly the passion just dont go away.. : ). It is still in Hari Raya mode and I had been able to bake mama carey cookies last weekend. It really took me about 1/2 a day to finish it as I took so many pitstop during the baking session…-to change diapers, make milk, bath my kids and the list continud on…

Ok, here is the recipe-


A- for the base

250 gm butter

300 gm wheat flour

Half me certainly..

Half eaten…by me certainly..

100 gm icing sugar

150 gm corn flour

1 tbs vanilla essence

For the topping;

250 gm icing sugar

2 white eggs

1 sp of corn flour

a bit of cocoa powder

How to make it-

1. Mix butter+icing sugar using cake mixer until creamy. Then add vanilla.

2. Then add the flour bit by bit until it it become doh where it is ready enough to be cookies pressed. Role the doh to about 1 cm thick and then use a cookies cutter to cut it. The original version is using heart shape but I just used whatever available. (as I always misplaced item…huhuhuhu)..

3. Ready with the topping, using a cake mixer, beat the white eggs with the icing sugar until you get a creamy mixture, then add the corn flour to thick it up. It is quite a thick mixture.

4. Then for the decoration, take around 2 spoon from the topping and mix it with cocoa until you get dark color.

5. As everything ready, place the topping onto the base using your finger (as it is easier to spread it). Then get a tooth pick,dip it into the dark color topping , and then give a few stroke on top of the white topping as a decoration. Then bake it at about 10-20 minutes at 150 deg C.

6. Caution: you need to immediately put the cookies in oven after you have put the topping on the base. If not it will just flow over from the base.


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