Picky Eater

Instant noodle and pasta is his favorite as well as chocolate, biscuits and sweets. He will stare first at the food, try to make sense of the presentation (like a mastercheff judge) before he would like to open his mouth to be fed. He prefer to only eats his chicken dish without his rice. I have to force him sometime to eat his carbo. Well that is my eldest son who is 4 years old right now. I like to cook but sometime cooking 3 different dishes for lunch (one after another as he refuse to eat) quite tiring.

So recently I find something that really help me to get him  eat bread. I purchase this bear shaped bread mold online at www.avenue86.com.my for the price of RM 10 (USD 3). My son really excited everytime he saw me carrying a stack of bread. He will bug me to make a bear bread (roti bear). You just stack 2 bread together and pressed the mold on top of it; It is easy to make and cleaned. Look cute dohh!

This item is a hot item so sometime it is already sold out. If this to happen, just get the reminder. The web has feature that can give you reminder thru email once the item available. Happy Day!

The end Product-you can toast after molding

The end Product-you can toast after molding

hungry everyone!

hungry everyone!

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