Cashew Chicken

It’s coming to the beginning of 2014. Very much excited and occupied during this early of years. Not only to set my personal resolution, but also by eldest is attending pre-school for the first time. I am overwhelm seeing him wearing his uniform (yes , its normal in malaysia for a pre-school to have uniform :)) , eat his breakfast , and sit in his class doing some coloring. For me this is the moment that I would not miss for the world. I guess this is the only time that he will be 5 and soon without realizing it, he will getting married somewhere in the future…huhuhu break my heart everytime I think about it. But it’s life I guess, so try to enjoy all those cuddle moment as much as possible.

For personal resolution, there’s a lot on my list . I have met at least 5o% of my lasy year list I guess. I find it quite good to write it out somewhere and flip it thru once in a while as you go along. Get me focus and better planning. I am not only write about the things that I would like to achieve but also financially and my kids development; and the fun parts also what I want to purchased this year. Having list or resolution is fun and get myself something to look forward each month. I really…really hope this year I can sustain writing this blog; seriously I love to cook and write about it ….but the hardest part is having time to have it all..:)

Okay, less on talking about me, let us talk about the cashew and the chicken. It is very fast to make my dear and delicious I may say. I had taste it before during a buffet lunch at a 5 star-hotel. After that I try to searched the recipe and found it in  ( 1 day 1 recipe by Chef Hanieliza).


bon apetite!

bon apetite!



600 gm of chicken breast (slice it to small pieces)

1 spoon corn flour

1 tea spoon of salt


100 gm of cashew nuts (fry without oil)

3 dry chillies (cut to small pieces)

2 holland onion (dice it)

4 cloves of garlic (slice it)

1 capsicum

3 spoon of oyster sauce

2 spoon of tomato sauce

1/4 cup of water

2 spoon of oil


1. mix the chicken with corn flour and salt thouroughly. Then fried it till the chicken cook. But don’t over cook the chicken cause it will become dry.

2. Then fry the dry chilles for like 10 second and set it aside.

3. After you have taken out the dry chillies, use the same leftover oil in the pan to stir-fry the ginger, garlic and onion until the aroma come out.Then add the capsicum. ( I used fresh chillies to replace the capsicum in the recipe just because I can’t find one.)

4. Then add the chicken, oyster sauce, tomato sauce and water.

5. Let it dry a bit and add the cashew nuts .

6. serve it warm with steam white rice. Enjoy!