How to throw a Party like a Gen Y? (Ladies Engagement)

Recently, I am being busy with holding the best Ladies Engagement for my company for the end of 2013. It’s challenging as most of us are in holiday mood and not very fond of having an extra chores to set up an event. But as we already being selected (our technical department) to hold the next event, we would like to throw the best one for the ladies here. I am always keen to be the party planner; I don’t know why but I guess I like to sometime be in touch with my feminine side after a year surrounded with bolt and nuts. 🙂

It is a simple event, 2 hours event, but the preparation took a month before to get the best result. We chose candy wonderland as a theme. Theme is crutial for this type of event, not only to get people excited to come but also we excited to hold one. Previous event doesn’t have a cheeky theme, more serious one I guess. For e.g. Networking towards success, climbing the corporate ladded those sort of things, but definitely candy wonderland suit our objective to get the girls loose a bit from work.

The food…mmm…we ordered Chicken Rice, Chocolate Moist Cake, Black Forest Cake, and Caramel Rainbow Cake. Rice is a must for ours as it is lunch time and the cake would give a connection with the theme. Then we have the most important part, the candy booth. It is not only a candy booth but also a photo booth. It’s a gen y thing I guess , photo booth with the photo props ; it makes the difference. The ladies really happy and excited about it. Really hard to take them away from the photo booth before the event start. The photo props was easy, just get the printables online. I got mine at


me trying out the photo props…

even the guy would like to try it out

Door gift is a bit tricky , we are given only RM1500 for the whole budget. It’s not much but we would really want to give a practical and meaningful door gift. RM 10 per person…what can I get for that? The idea struck me when I purchased The Malaysian Women’s Weekly Dec 2013. It got lots of coupon and free 50 ml Body Shop butter. WOW! It will be the best doorgift for ladies that want all. But then it is not possible to get 90 pcs of the magazine as it is very limited. So I contacted the Blu Inc company itself, but still the main head quarters also don’t have it. But instead Blu Inc gave us a complimentary Nov issue. Hooray!

Then another opportunity came, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale. So we end up purchasing fiction book as the door gift. I always love to read and no matter how busy we are , we as ladies need to read to get our brain stimulate and up to date. The book was really cheap. With RM8 you can purchase a hard cover book.

The event end with a lot of compliment from the participant. I feel proud from the bottom of my heart, not because of the compliments but because I had done the best. No matter what you do either is baking a cake, designing a plant, or cleaning your toddlers mess , it will always leave a good feeling when you have done the best.